How Does Our Milking Process Work?

Our patented process is a cold milling technique, we’ve coined “milking,” that allows us to produce a non-dairy milk containing all of the nutrition of the nuts in a creamy emulsion. This technique successfully extracts all protein, fat and micronutrients from the whole ingredients so there is no need to fortify our products. Our process does not require controversial industrial stabilizers or gums like carrageenan, locust bean or xanthan.

The key advantage of our milking process is that it can produce a “whole foods” drink, extracting all of the nutritional benefit of the nuts in a “clean” form (without stabilizers or gums) that has a creamy texture with appealing subtle flavors.

Our innovative process allows for safe consumption over longer periods producing a superior, longer shelf life.

An Almond's Journey From Farm to Carton:

Grown in California

All of our almonds are grown in sunny California. After many months growing in the orchard, they are picked, washed and packed whole into containers, ready to begin their journey across the country.

Road Trip!

Our almonds take a cross-country road trip to our facilities in New York. Many nut milks are made out of an industrial paste that is rehydrated at the processing plant. Not us! We only use almonds shipped whole from our farmers.

Rinse & Repeat

When the whole almonds arrive in Elma, New York they are washed again to ensure they are squeaky clean before we mill them into our delicious and nutritious nutmilk.

Cold Milling

Our proprietary cold milling process separates the almonds into their essential components: oils, protein, good fats and fiber. The process is called “cold milling” because it does not heat up the nuts as they are ground. This process helps keep all the amazing nutrients available and provides a creamy texture.

Pressing & Filtering

Similar to a French press, the ground almonds are pressed with a very fine screen that traps all fibers and any stray bits of the nut, leaving nothing but pure, rich, creamy nutmilk ready to be bottled.

Fill ‘er Up!

Our innovative bottling process is aseptic, meaning it destroys all microorganisms while simultaneously allowing us to capture and stabilize the freshness and quality of our nutmilks. This means less wasted nutmilk!

Our cold milling results in a nutmilk that is more nutritious than other leading brands. Try it today!

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